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I was responsible for texturing the 'hardparts', i.e., the mouth, teeth, eyes, nose, ears and exposed skin, as well as contributing to the fur coloration. Someone had already done the 'groom' to the fur, but as I was dialing in the look of the fleshy bits, it was necessary to take over the patterning on the fur.

It was a bit of a ping-pong game as the TDs were lighting at the same time and we had to toss back and forth the scene to get the fur color right. The displacement on the mouth was tricky and extensive, with little ridges and folds along the lips.

The face was replaced until the ears in the image to the left to accommodate his dialogue. By the way, his name is 'Butch'.

Cats and Dogs: Butch Face Replacement
Cats and Dogs: Butch Face Replacement