Mark Dubeau / Graphic Arts

Currently working for Tippett Studio in Berkeley, California, I have been working primarily in the CG industry since 2000, and before that, in the 2D animation industry since about 1995-96.


I have been fortunate enough to handle quite a few production tasks from initial developmental design, storyboarding (albeit with wary trepidation these days), creature design, art direction, animation direction (when needed) and assistant vfx supervision. I can also do Maya modeling as well as matte painting, and am a trained sculptor and traditional illustrator/designer.
I strive, within the framework of CG production to infuse a sense of design and overall cohesiveness to the work, which can become quite heavily burdened by the sheer weight of the technical aspect. As a wise VFX supervisor once said to me not that long ago:

"Listen, at the end of the day, we're just making pretty pictures."

I'm a creature guy, primarily but not exclusively, and work best when given a mandate to create something hideous, vicious, malevolent or just plain gross. However, I relish the chances I've been given to create creatures which we recognize in our own backyards, since it's much more satisfying to trick the viewer's eye into thinking we 'actually got a real animal to do that'.

But you need a great team to do any and all of this, and I have had the great fortune to work with some equally great people. Without them, I'd be some nut mumbling and pointing at blank monitors all day, to be honest.