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This cover illustration was fun to direct. The magazine was very specific about what they wanted in terms of color and orientation, all we had to do was follow through.

Since National Geographic has their own engravers, they are very picky about the resolution on their artwork. this creature had to be built at a minimum of 2K res, and it had to hold up to 304.8 dpi final print resolution.

Josh Smith, Paleontology Specialist at National Geographic commented: “This is easily the best reconstruction of Dracorex out there… period. Heck, in terms of texture and color, it’s one of the best dinosaur reconstructions I’ve seen.”

You can purchase a print here:

They were kind to me, and the team, throughout. Marc-Andre Dostie really kicked the texture work up a notch on this one.
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Image: National Geographic

National Geographic: Dracorex
National Geographic: Dracorex
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