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On DINOSAURS ALIVE! I was tapped to create not only the dinosaurs, but to consult on behavior, help choose the locations and follow through with the palaeontologists (through the capable and affable paleo-artist Mick Ellison). I also helped out on set, doing the art direction for envronments, such as building nests, assuring there were no issues with out-of-place elements.

The 'velos' were designed to be repulsive, vampiric characters. It was difficult, to say the least, to get feathers to work at that resolution, and in stereo, to boot.

Of note, I was present on set during the photography for this sequence, and actually had to manually remove grass for this shot. I was on my hands and knees pulling clumps of grass out in the baking Nebraska sun. But, I loved it. Beats sitting behind a desk.

Image: David Clark Films

DINOSAURS ALIVE! / Velociraptor
DINOSAURS ALIVE! / Velociraptor
stereo IMAX